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Add: 3/7 Binh Duc, Binh Hoa,
Thuan An, Binh Duong
Tel: (+84) 0650 3782 450
Fax: (+84) 0650 3782 452
Email: info@giadinhchemical.com
Web: www.giadinhchemical.com

About us

GIA DINH CHEMICAL is a Vietnamese manufacturer and trader of chemical for paper-making industry.

The core products that GIA DINH CHEMICAL manufactures are native tapioca starch and a range of different modified tapioca starches. Beside that, sizing products are one of its strengthens.

Not only known as a manufacturer, GIA DINH CHEMICAL is also known as a trader with the intermediate base chemicals such as caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide, alum, etc.


Over 30 years working in paper-making industry helps us to understand that to paper companies good quality product and reasonable cost are key concerns. Thus, from the very beginning, GIA DINH CHEMICAL mission is COMPANY WITH VIETNAMESE PAPER INDUSTRY.


To GIA DINH CHEMICAL, quality is always the most important things that we concern. We understand that a good quality paper can’t be produced from an ugly chemicals. Therefore, as a supplier we do our best to give our clients the best products that we can.

With the 24/7 Quality Control Department, we undertake that all our products are quality control and satisfied clients’ needs.

Beside that, GIA DINH CHEMICAL does not merely strive for tighter specification and quality control, we want to face to more and more challenges. CHALLENGES ARE OUR MOTIVATION.


We’ve known that our products are not the best products all over the world and our clients want to make better paper day after day. Therefore, beside good quality products, we provide a dynamic combination of services and supports to paper mills.


We can’t promise that our product is the lowest price but we can help our clients to reduce total producing cost. That is the mission of our R&D department and technical support team.

Our sales, technical services located in Ha Noi, Hochiminh City, Binh Duong, Ben Tre, etc. which are able us to response to our clients’ needs within one-day. Moreover, with the warehouse and logistic establish national-wide, we do our best to reduce the storage and transportation cost to our clients. Again, the total producing cost has trims down.


Head quarter                                    3/7 Binh Duc, Binh Hoa,

                                                          Thuan An, Binh Duong

                                                          Phone: +84 0650 3782451

                                                          Fax: +84 0650 3782452

                                                          Email: info@giadinhchemical.com

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